Become an agent for Meadow Lark.

Meadow Lark Agency is devoted to developing outside offices that want to grow in the transportation industry. Over 60 offices nationwide believe in being fair, honest and supportive of all of your endeavors. In 2012 our revenue grew to over $100 million – leveraging our vast abilities and sales outlook, you will find a home that you can count on. Plus we haven’t forgotten how we got here – we maintain a hometown feel, we sit down & talk and get back to you quickly on important decisions. Personal relationships are important to us – we never use an informal technology when a phone call will do. You can rely on our industry leading software and our continuous training programs – future proof your career. Meadow Lark believes that through our commitment to the industry once you make the switch to our company, you will always be glad you did. We are excited and pleased that you have decided to look at our program and look forward to many years together.

  • Profitable Agent Program
  • Potentially 70% on brokered freight - based on volume
    Potentially 10% on leased trucks - based on volume
    No competing territories
    Seamless transition - No down time

  • In-House Marketing
  • Professional promotional materials
    Your own custom web page

  • Industry Leading Technology
  • Latest Brokerage & Transport software
    FREE webcam at sign-on (by request)


  • Lightning fast credit checks and carrier set-up
  • Continous training programs
  • Expidited driver application process
  • Weekly settlements for agents
  • Agent and driver referral program
  • EOBR paperless safety


  • Decades of good will, world-class industry experience, cutting edge technology and a deep commitment to establishing real lasting relationships - all players benefit from association with our companies... More