Driver Awards

Robert "Bob" Rathke was the Meadow Lark Driver of the Year for 2011.
Danny Shipman is the 2014 Winner.

Driver of the Year

Earn this award after 12 months of continuous service - no accidents, no claims, no citations or DOT violations. On Time Pickup and Delivery, exhibit a GREAT ATTITUDE and be a positive representative of Meadow Lark.

  • $500 Cash Bonus
  • Contractor of the Year Plaque
  • Hand delivered by Senior Management
  • Recognized on the company website


Safety Reward Program

Program is based on continuous years of service. To qualify, driver would have no chargeable accidents, no cargo claims and no citations.

1st Year $150 2nd Year $250
3rd Year $350 4th Year $450
5th Year $550 6th Year $650
7th Year $750 8th Year $850
9th Year $950 10th Year $1250


  • Plus $100 for each clean Driver/Vehicle inspection with no violations


B & R Transfer
300 loads - Set up since 2004

Five & Ten Year Service Awards

Our way of rewarding drivers committed to Meadow Lark.
Awarded to owner operator/truck owners whose truck(s) have maintained annual gross revenue of $100,000 or more.

  • $500 bonus will be given after five years
  • $1000 bonus will be given after 10 years
  • Service Award Plaque given by Senior Management
  • Recognized on the company website



To qualify for this program sterling drivers are nominated by senior management based on an excellent saftey record and positive outlook

  • Certificate of appreciation
  • FREE Meadow Lark merchandise


  • Challenge driven and solution oriented to maximize the value potential of your transportation assets.

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