33 years strong and counting... INTEGRITY THAT DELIVERS...

Our firm began in June of 1983 as Meadow Lark Agency. Rick and Donna Jones were trucking agents. The next year, they became a truck brokerage. When they started up, it was easy to become a broker. Many unscrupulous people took advantage of the situation, engaging in questionable business practices and going in and out of business. Brokers in general did not have the best of reputations.

Right from the start, the founders of Meadow Lark refused to play that game. They treated customers and carriers with dignity and respect and became known as the epitome of the honest, dependable broker. Even when it was painful to convey bad news, telling the full, unvarnished truth was the only course open, as far as Rick was concerned.

Their integrity and ethics were recognized and word-of-mouth increased their business. They were known for living up to their motto – Our word is our bond.

They began leasing trucks in 1991 and established their second company, Meadow Lark Transport. Through 1999, the business was mainly spot market with 75% of the business in vans and reefers.

In 1989, Rick Jones earned his professional credential as a Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) through the Transportation Brokers Conference of America (TBCA). He was later elected to the board of directors of the organization and served as national president in 1996.

Through the acquisition of technology and a focus on efficiency, Meadow Lark began the new century with a freight management model that allowed single sourcing and plant site logistics nationwide. We began offering reload services at the Canadian and Mexican borders and regularly delivered all over North America.

In 2010, the home office of Meadow Lark Transport was moved to Gainesville, North Carolina. The leased trucking operation, relationships with owner/operators, the safety component and agents network are handled from this satellite office. The operation has grown substantially since then.


The summer of 2013, we had a week of celebration, commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of Meadow Lark. We are now a family of companies focusing on the various intricate aspects of freight management in the 21st century. Yet our hometown customer service remains the same valuable asset it was when we began, three decades ago.


A second generation of leadership has moved our company into the future. Amanda Roth worked in virtually every position in the company over her 15 year career at Meadow Lark, moving up the ladder to mid-management and then senior management. In 2007, she earned professional certification as a Certified Transporter Broker (CTB) from the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).

In 2011, Amanda purchased the company from her parents and assumed the role of CEO. Rick Jones remains with the company as Visionary Director. Donna chose to retire.

Mandy created the next entity of Meadow Lark Companies - Meadow Lark Energy. This is a logistics company specifically for moving and set-up of oil rigs from one play to the next. The company now services oil fields in North Dakota, Montana, Texas and Pennsylvania. It is also prepared to provide wind energy services as this market develops.

Mandy took the internal culture of the company to a new level, entrusting every team member with specific responsibilities and accompanying rewards. Personal accountability has been emphasized. Morale soared and team efforts have resulted in surges of business in virtually every segment of service.

There is an emphasis on training and regulatory knowledge as shipping requirements and documentation constantly change. Continuing education is being sponsored for company representatives, including TIA’s Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) professional designation. Members of Meadow Lark Companies’ board of directors engage in participative learning and team building. Board meetings are a forum for the sharing of concepts and development of innovation. 


This year, an emphasis on logistics has increased the components of analysis, tracking, reports and supply chain management at the Billings headquarters. Staff members also seek ways to continue the home town warmth of personal contact, while utilizing technological tools of the times. For instance, account executives and customer service representatives use Skype video technology to speak face-to-face with carriers, clients and customers. Mobile devices maintain immediate access to key personnel. On-board technology has been provided to owner/operators. Referral bonuses and incentives encourage drivers to join the Meadow Lark Transport team. 

From the full time IT staff to the marketing department to the visionary leadership of CEO Amanda Roth - Meadow Lark Companies is on track to become a leader in the transportation industry. New tools and marketing opportunities are consistently developed for customers, carriers, agents and drivers. Meadow Lark strives to become your best transportation partner.