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33 years strong and counting... we are here for the long haul...

Meadow Lark Companies - a family of enterprises providing freight transport services to shippers throughout North America.

Meadow Lark Logistics – Provides logistics programs and freight management
Meadow Lark Agents – Freight brokerage through a network of agents nationwide
Meadow Lark Transport – Trucking firm with a wide variety of equipment
Meadow Lark Energy – Moving and setting up oil rig plays and providing wind energy service
Over the Road Apparel – Clothing designed for truck drivers


Meadow Lark Companies business volume topped $100 million last year.  Over 100 transportation professionals work out of the headquarters in Billings, Montana.  The transport operation and agents are coordinated from the satellite office in Gainesville, North Carolina.  For the locations of our more than fifty agents nationwide, visit our Terminal Locations.

We move more than 1,000 shipments every business day.  We have personnel on duty 24/7 for our clients and customers.  Carriers are paid very fast.  We are so committed to the right deal that we have never, in 30 years, been in court over a shipment.


Our heartfelt motto is on every page - we feel that strongly about it.

Our word is our bond.  Integrity that delivers.

These are our by-words at Meadow Lark Companies.  Business ethics are built into our hiring process, our training, our promotions and our customer service.  Adherence to our internal code of ethics is paramount to success in a career at Meadow Lark.

Code of Ethics

  • No Bad Deals. All Players Benefit from Association with our Company
  • We are constantly in pursuit of excellence in our images and operations
  • We do not compare ourselves to any other business, only to how WE were yesterday
  • Our Word is our Bond


  • Decades of good will, world-class industry experience, cutting edge technology and a deep commitment to establishing real lasting relationships - all players benefit from association with our companies... More